Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year!

For some reason, I always feel as if I celebrate the new year in August.  For educators, it's the start of what we strive to do each year-improve student achievement.  It's the sights and smells of new notebooks, pencils, book bags, and brand new boxes of crayons and markers.  It is the beginning of new relationships as teachers get to know their students, students get to know their teachers, and parents and teachers forge relationships to work together in the best interests of their students.  A new year for us is when summer ends and school begins.

Of course for principals, we work in a continuous cycle of trying to improve ourselves as leaders, teachers, and learners.  This cycle requires a great deal of self-directed renewal.  We have to constantly renew our passion, continue our learning, revisit and revise our goals, and refocus our energies.

For 2012, I am striving to renew my passion, to continue my learning, to revisit and revise my goals, and refocus my energies.  To do this, I plan to commit to writing on this blog on a regular basis.  For those of you who are also principals out there, don't forget to renew yourself-even if it is the middle of the school year.  The kids are counting on us.


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