Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Power of A Team!

I played sports as a kid growing up in the projects. I always liked the idea of competing. I like winning even more. Although the ideas of competing and winning were exciting to me, what I liked even more was being a part of a team. I liked working with others to accomplish a goal. Basketball was my love. I grew up watching legends like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird,and Michael Jordan. I thought they were all very talented and could score at will. However, Magic Johnson was my favorite. Not only because he was a point guard, but because he was a talented assist man. He could pass like nobody's business. He could see openings that others could not see. He could make one move to make a beautiful play and everyone else benefited from his vision. That is exactly how I see my job as a principal. If I can assist others in the right way, if I can see a way to improve learning when others have blurred vision, if I can create a solid and systematic framework for teaching and learning to occur effectively,I can lead the way to improved student achievement. We have a responsibility as principals to provide a clear collaborative vision for our schools. We are responsible for being innovative in our thinking and action. We are responsible for seeing solutions where others only see obstacles. We have a responsibility to be deliberate in our planning, instructional leadership, and interaction with our teachers and students. As a kid, I'd try to replicate on the blacktop what Magic did in his Lakers uniform. Now, I just try to make the "magic" happen as a school principal. I hope every principal realizes that we are not the star of the team, and we aren't the top scorers. We're just like Magic, trying to make the right move so all students score. Share the ball, Latoya