Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10 Awesome Apps for Educators

Here is a quick list of useful apps for educators and administrators. We learned about these in our leadership retreat and the list is too good not to share. Although I use many of these, I learned something new today! New learning is so exciting. I'm sure our students feel the same way when the learning is engaging and relevant.
1. Reflection: view your IPad on your Promethean bd / download to pc..not IPad..beneficial to have a VGA cable
2. Airserver- same as Reflection
3. Evernote:
  • Record guided reading lesson
  • Photograph work
  • Tag by student names, then pull info by tags
  • Email to self, parent, print, use in conferences
4. Cloudon:
  • Saves files to Dropbox
  • Uses word programs 
5. Pages: word
6. Numbers: excel
7. Keynote : ppt

8. Camscanner- works w/ Evernote ..takes a picture of document/ converts to PDF
9. ImagetoText- edit paper documents (worksheets) to use later, can be edited on screen
10. TagDiskHD-$5.99: watch YouTube at home, copy URL, paste in "enter URL", o.k., downloads video to device & use in classroom 

This is a draft list from my Evernote file...more details later, but for now explore..and LEARN!