Sunday, August 9, 2015

To Take Care of Others, You Must Take Care of You! #fitnessedu

Something totally awesome happened today.
I woke up and had a cup of coffee. Then, I went to the gym and ran three miles. After it was all over, I tweeted this:
Three mile run this morning! Hope I can keep this going when school starts back!
I took a shower shortly there after and got a notification on Twitter that my tweets this weekend regarding my running had inspired someone else. Someone in my PLN had been inspired and tweeted this:
Just ran 3 miles in spite of it all! Inspired to do it by Thanks ladies
It was only a few seconds and someone else tweeted this:
we should start a Twitter edu fitness motivation chat! Lol
And tonight, the #fitnessedu chat was born. A quick voxer chat started by @loriannegreen and our chat was set. Two questions, thirty minutes. Share goals and encourage each other.
maintaining balance in our lives starts with taking care of ourselves!

Just that quickly, four educators had connected their desire to be fit and share their goals and successes. This is why I love twitter. What a great opportunity for all of us to encourage and motivate each other to be fit. We all know that we must take care of ourselves to take care of others. As we get ready to start the school year, and for those who have already started, on behalf of all of us-@MrsVanderborne, @1AVA3, and @loriannegreen and myself (@latoyadixon5), we invite you to join us in working to take care of yourself this school year. If you missed it, you can catch it here:

Whether novice or experienced, fitness is for everyone....and it feels good too!

Until next time-be you, be true, be a hope builder.

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