Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lessons In Leadership: The Summer Series

Hey y'all. Let me begin by saying thanks for listening to the podcast. It has been a really exciting adventure making episodes each week and hearing from listeners about how our quick and practical episodes are helping them grow! That's the point of the #leadershipwithlatoya podcast. It is not a recipe for perfect leadership. It isn't a guidebook. It's really simple. It's a real, down to earth conversation about relevant topics for leaders of all disciplines. It doesn't matter if you are a leader in education or another field, this podcast is designed to help leaders explore and tackle the many challenges of leadership, to think critically about those challenges, and occasionally offer some ideas, tips, tools, and insight. I'm grateful for everyone who has listened, tweeted, or joined our Facebook page, or visited our website.  You all are turning my passion project into a labor of love and I am loving every, single minute of it.

As you may know, this summer we've been doing a special series called Lessons In Leadership. Here is some information on our latest episodes:

Ep.12 Summer Series Kick Off​​​​​​​: This episode, Leadership Lessons, kicks off our summer series. Mike and Latoya chat about some of the toughest lessons they've learned in leadership, including how to use critical feedback for your growing your leadership abilities and ways leaders can turn failures into powerful lessons to improve their leadership capacity. In this summer series, we'll be discussing lessons for leaders in innovation, building great teams, resilience and more! 

Ep.13 Lessons in Resilient Leadership:In the second episode of our summer series on Leadership Lessons, Mike and Latoya chat lessons in resilient leadership. What does it mean to be a resilient leader? Why is resilience an important quality for leaders to posess and demonstrate? What happens if leaders lack the abiltiy to be resilient? What can leaders do to be more resilient in their leadership? Fast, insightful, and packed full of practical tips leaders can use today, this episode is sure to get you thinking about your resilience as a leader!

Ep. 14 Lessons in Leading Innovation: In this episode, Latoya chats with Virgil Hammonds, @VirgelHammonds, Chief Learning Officer at Knowledge Works, about lessons in leading for innovation. They address key elements that must be present for leading with innovation, how leaders of innovation are different from leaders in general, and what innovative leadership might look like in the future. This is an episode you don't want to miss. If you're interested in being innovative rather than traditional in your leadership, this episode is for you! 

Ep. 15 Lessons in Instructional Leadership:In this episode, the summer series continues, as Latoya and Mike tackle the topic of instructional leadership. While this is packed full of great practical information that you can use now, don't let the title keep you from listening if you're not an educational leader. We discuss the importance of focus and clarity of communication, ways to provide quality feedback to improve practice, and more in this episode! You don't want to miss this one! For links to some of the tools discussed on any of our podcast episode visit the resources and tools tab on our site at! 

We're excited about a new feature we are launching soon called "Leadership With Latoya Live"! Listeners will be able to have live conversations with Latoya and Mike, co host of the podcast and ask questions specific to their need. Stay tuned for more on this soon!

Thanks to everyone for listening and sharing our podcast with others in your PLN! Let us know what topics you want to hear more about by emailing us at! Leave a review and subscribe on iTunes here: Like, Share, and Comment on our Facebook page:! We're committed to bringing you the best podcast in leadership! Thanks for listening!

Until next time-Be you! Be True! Be a Hope Builder!


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